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Perfect Fall Smoked Turkey and Vegetables Soup

unnamed-2During the fall and winter there is nothing better than having a hot cup of soup to warm up your day or to make an icky sick feeling go away. It just started to get in the mid 50s here not he East Coast, and so I wanted to warm up my families bellies with a delicious home made soup. I didn’t want to stick to a traditional chicken soup, so I opted to swap out the chicken for smoked turkey and yes, this was a hit!


Smoke turkey added so much depth and warmth to the soup and the vegetables and light broth balanced the smokey flavor out.  In order to get the soups full flavors going it’s a must that it stays cooking on medium to low heat for a couple of hours. Soups taste best when the layers are built in that way you don’t have to add too much salt. So, if you are looking to make this, throw all of your ingredient sin a crock pot for 4 hours or so and go about your day. In the end of the cooking process, I like to taste and see if salt needs to be added, usually it does, and when it does, I only need a bit. (I’m not much of a salt liking person).

This soup can easily be eaten alone or it can be perfectly paired with a dash of  extra oregano on top and a side of avocado. If you’re feeling sick, a nice cup of this soups broth will not only taste delicious but make you feel extra fuzzy and better.


From my families kitchen to yours,


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