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Welcome to my story.

My name is Stefanie and I am 29 years old and live in one of the funnest cities in the world, New York!. I have embodied many roles for the past four years of my life but no role beats that of becoming a wife and mom.


Before embarking on my journey, I lived a very free life concerning food, making irresponsible choices and fulfilling every bad craving. You name it, I most likely ate it and because of that, I became very sick. Here is my story…

Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, I knew nothing more than white rice, white bread, white pasta, beans, fried meats, sugary sweets and an occasional lettuce and tomato salad. Little did I know that such habits would develop into addictions and eventually result in my being sickly. My mom never knew that such choices were bad because she grew up the same way, in a traditional humble home in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Next to home made food, I indulged in McDonalds, shoot, a favorite order of mine was the #2 from Mcdonalds- 2 cheeseburgers with fries and a coke. I sipped on Tropical Fantasy Sodas daily and took big bites of my classic favorite food- pizza. The more I ate, the addiction became stronger leading my body towards failure.

When I was 18, I used to experience severe migraines, menstrual cramps, acne and hair loss. After a Doctors consultation, they concluded that I had Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. This disease is fairly common amongst adolescents and unfortunately can lead to infertility. I was put on Yasmin birth control for the next 3 years to help regulate my cycle and also help reduce menstrual pain. The birth control worked but lead my body into a downward spiral which lead me to being off birth control. Although all these occurrences were taking place, I never treated my body to the proper degree to help aid it back to health. I still ate bad- VERY BAD and I continued to be very sickly. My tonsils started having episodes of inflammation which eventually lead to a tonsillectomy and my joints began to hurt, I became allergic to the sun and my hair kept getting thinner. I continued to ignore my health and just related such changes to my college stress and the degrading atmosphere. As time went by I developed severe asthma and eczema to say the least and the one remedy my doctors had were- STEROIDS. That was their conclusion- and I believed it.

The truth is, my body was crying out and still I never answered it.

Fast forward a couple of years. At 26 years old, after a few months of marriage, we were gifted with the news that we were expecting a baby boy. I had no clue that during pregnancy, multiple exams and tests are run to see if there are any genetic disorders concerning the babies health and also any disorders concerning my body. I will never forget my May 2013 visit with Dr. Matamala, she came into the room and said “Ok, so we have some things to discuss.” Automatically my heart dropped, I was several weeks pregnant and waiting to hear if I was in the clear but I wasn’t. My Doctor told me that I had Sickle Cell Trait and also Lupus. LUPUS?! “What the heck?! what is that?”. She kindly explained what Lupus was and mentioned that they would have to test my husband to see if he had any disorders in his bloodline. My husband came in the next day and for several days we waited, we cried and we begged in prayer. I received a call that my husband needed to return to the Drs. office so that they could discuss the results with us. My Dr. began to say that my husband had Hemoglobin C Trait, which basically is similar to Sickle Cell Trait and that our unborn son had the probability of coming out with this fatal blood disorder.

My world dropped.

At 30 weeks pregnant, my body started to give out. I went into early labor and gave birth to my beautiful son Aaron Nixon. He weighed a mere 4 pounds of delicious fuzziness. I will never forget his clear skin, his faint cry and his feather light body. They whisked him away and there my new found joy remained in an incubator for the next couple of weeks. I tried to understand why my body gave out and still I couldn’t draw conclusions because I was blinded. I fell into a deep depression and for months I couldn’t forgive myself for ignoring all the signs my body was screaming at me. During this hard time, I finally took control and said STOP. Stop to all of my bad decision making and stop to all of my bad choices. I wanted to start living and to help my family live a better quality life. I yearned to be the the kind of mom that would last long for her boys, I craved the energy to be able to run and play in the park with my son and most of all, I desired to feel good and be happy with myself. My sons birth opened my eyes to life and how I needed to nurture myself back to good health.


I started researching and digging deep to find practical ways that I can help heal my body. I cleaned up my cabinets, got rid of all sorts of processed foods and ingredients and I started shopping more raw, gluten free and organic. This transformed my life! In a nutshell I can say that I feel fantastic, my son and husband are healthy, my eczema cleared, my asthma is controlled, my pcos cleared and I am filled with energy. We hope that our lifestyle can help inspire you to make changes in your life and to bring awareness to those that long for the same things. All it takes is you, to make the change that you want for yourself. Doing so will have a domino effect on others as they see your example shine through.

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We are excited to take your hand as you join us in our journey to a cleaner way of life.

XO Stefanie De Jesus

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