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My name is Raquel. I am a happy wife and mother of a 4 year old sassy funny girl and our newest addition is a 2 month old boy!


Before having kids in the newlywed chapter of my life, my cooking was mainly to impress my husband with fancy recipes and tasty dishes. We didn’t really know about processed foods, artificial flavoring, gluten free, organic, Non GMO…what!?img_3762

Everything changed after giving birth to my daughter in 2012. My postpartum recovery was pretty smooth except my gut was more sensitive. Originally, I thought the reason behind it was part of the recovery process of postpartum and my body shaping back to the way it was before pregnancy. It took me a while to realize that it was caused by food. I started eliminating certain foods to see what it was that caused it. Around the same time, my friend Vicky transitioned her family to eating gluten free because of the painful and irritable effects of gluten and wheat. Gluten? Gluten free? Never heard of it.  She taught me more about the cooking and baking side of it. Also how to read food labels and what ingredients to avoid. I was pretty bummed to know that gluten is in many of the foods I eat. Cookies cake and bread! Oh my! I can’t eat anything! It’s worth eliminating and I gave it a 3 week test. Sure enough, I came to find out I am gluten sensitive.

I wanted to feed my family what is best so we all went gluten free. Once my daughter was old enough to eat solids, I learned the difference and importance of eating organic food. And along those same lines, to avoid genetically modified foods (GMO). I also researched the meat quality we buy. That’s when I started buying grass fed beef, free range chickens and wild fish. We also started drinking raw milk which is so hard to find! By changing the quality of food we put in our bodies, my husband and I lost a lot of weight! And that is without exercise! I am so passionate about food quality, I can’t wait to dive into those topics!

Motherhood changed my life for the better. You want what’s best and safe for your family. Our blog will focus on recipes that are gluten free with healthy natural ingredients and produce. We will also talk about things we love such as makeup, DIY projects, family life and motherhood.

Hope you enjoy and we wish happiness to all!


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