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HI! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Bienvenidos to Sparkling Moms Blog! We are two best friends who hail from the vivacious city of New York in the boogie down borough of the Bronx and here is where you will find everything you need to know about the secret but oh so fun life of mothers!

Sparkling Moms was created by us, Raquel and Stefanie, two moms on a mission to share their thoughts and personal views on their new found roles as mothers, beauty lovers and food dissectors. We both often write in our journals and decided to creatively get together and make Sparkling Moms come to life and here it is!

About the dynamic duo- One day, on a spontaneous November Saturday of 2012, we were introduced and who would have known! From then on, a beautiful, fun and hysterical friendship developed and thrives into this day. We count one another as best friends and are on a quest to bring you into our world filled with lots of empowerment, encouragement, knowledge and fun. We are on a mission to keep you hot on the trail with • Our very own healthy and tasty recipes

• PROS and CONS of foods
• Healthy local eats
• Latest makeup and fashion trends, our adventures etc

With this blog we hope to encourage and bring knowledge to mothers alike who have the same desires as us. We want to prove that even though we tie our capes tightly as mommies, and fulfill our many roles, we can still maintain our womanity. For so long we have both battled with eating anything and everything that we wanted. We frequented at fast foods and indulged in artificial sweets until we both had a rude wakeup call with our health and that is where we took a stand. We want to use our new found love of healthy living to inspire others to do the same. We didn’t go to nutrition school but spent countless hours researching and digging on ways to educate ourselves in helping aid our bodies in the right way. We hope that you too, can make beautiful changes in your life and help impact others that are yearning for a change as well. Along with healing ourselves from the inside, we also have a artistic creative outlet in makeup artistry and also motherhood. We are gearing this blog to making it a playground in which you can choose from endless topics of different points of interest- whether it be mommy hood, food, beauty or advice- you will find it here. We look forward to this journey and can’t wait to take you for the ride.


This is a judgement free zone and it is with sincerity that we ask for constructive criticism and kind regards. We will not tolerate any sort of inappropriate comments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for our latest posts. Also please check us out on our social medias listed below!

XO, yours truly

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